Yoga with Janaki

Hello - I’m Janaki and have been teaching yoga since 1999.    

I began my exploration of yoga with Ashtanga, and that is my first love and my home practice.  Over the years I have taught many different styles of yoga and attended classes and workshops with many wonderful teachers.  

I did my Teacher Training at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in Kerala and I return to that style now and then for a very complete practice incorporating pranayama (the yoga breathing), meditation and a specific sequence of asana.

Yoga is a wonderful tool and knowledge to own, although we keep on learning as our bodies change and as we read and attend workshops and further training. 

I  generally teach a hatha flow and restore style of class, incorporating a yin yoga sequence. The more advanced asana I would deliver in an accessible style. I am known as a ‘gentle’ teacher, but the truth is I love my yoga and want others to love it too. Teachers who say ’this is the only way’ are to be avoided in my world.

Yoga is for everyone, everyone can benefit, from breathing exercises to simple stretches, from chair yoga to inversions and more challenging poses.

"Yoga is for everyone, everyone can benefit"


So whether it is a zoom class, a real-time class, a workshop or on a relaxing yoga holiday, I hope you can enjoy yoga with me and Davy.

“Janaki has the patience and deep understanding of a true yogi. Each one of us is unique and her method allows even the most reluctant student (me) to discover physical and mental strength and flexibility that working out in the gym can never deliver.”
Param Sarai  

"I'm a full-time artist and after your yoga classes, I always have a burst of creative energy and could paint the whole day without feeling tired. I also have new ideas for my painting and feel very creative."

Tin Tin Sann

“Happily a friend introduced me to Janaki’s yoga in the first lockdown and I have been a devotee ever since. The classes (via zoom) are brilliant and under Janaki’s expert tuition and guidance, can be as creative and challenging as you want them to be. They have helped me enormously during this horrible and anxious time and I look forward to them every week. Thank you Janaki, you make the world of a difference. “



"Thank you for continuing to provide a virtual haven of yoga loveliness in this gloomy time. And I look forward to seeing you again next week."


“Yoga with Janaki and Davy is good for your body, mind and soul. They both offer different styles, but in an accessible way, and are very knowledgeable, encouraging and fun! I  highly recommend their classes to everybody.”



Jankai reclining pose