Yoga with Davy

Hi, I’m Davy. And I’ve been practising yoga since 1999 and began teaching classes in January 2008. Yoga has made a huge difference to my life and it might do the same for you.

Yoga is not just about doing postures. It’s also about learning to listen to your body, controlling your breathing, developing a clear focus and being mindful in your everyday life.

My first yoga experience was in Ashtanga Yoga classes, and I went on to study and learn how to teach Ashtanga with David Swenson in America. Later, I also studied more broadly with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and passed the acclaimed BWY and Life Centre teacher training course in London in 2007.

Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga based around a number of series of postures with a powerful breathing technique. It builds up strength and flexibility in equal measure. But it is more accessible than you might think, especially the way I teach it in a non-dogmatic way with lots of alternatives to suit your body. I am not associated in any way with the traditional Mysore-based Ashtanga yoga tradition (find out more about why here)

Currently I teach four weekly classes in and around Brighton & Hove, and with Janaki I teach yoga holidays and workshops in Brighton and round the country. I also have a lot of experience of teaching 1-2-1 classes. I try to teach with knowledge, humility and humour! Join me if you can!

I also co-founded the Brighton Yoga Festival and chair the Brighton Yoga Foundation.

“You are a fantastic teacher with a refreshing attitude to mind body and soul.”

"I was in your Ashtanga class this evening and I felt moved to email you and say thank you because it was wonderful. I haven’t done Ashtanga for years and had forgotten how much I used to love it, and I thought you were a wonderful teacher.”   

“Davy builds on a basic knowledge of the Ashtanga sequence allowing everyone to advance at their own pace. New postures are introduced from time to time which keeps the class interesting and challenging. Davy always finds time to give people a little personal attention with a touch of humour which keeps things light-hearted and fun.” 

“Thank you for an excellent online ashtanga session yesterday evening. There's not much silver lining to the huge black Covid cloud, but yoga at home is good - no travelling involved, and no-one can see your tree pose topple!”   


“Can I just say how nice it is to have regular Inspiration Yoga beamed into my home. I am very much enjoying the Ashtanga, which I have never really done before. I like the structure and the reassuring way everything follows a particular pattern. However, I also like the more free-flowing class which Janaki does, where every class has its own kind of narrative. So having both options of class is just right for me. The two of you provide a perfect yoga balance!” 


Davy gave a talk about his “yoga journey” especially about his relationship to Ashtanga Yoga followed by a short class and an introduction to the yoga community outreach work of Brighton Yoga Foundation

Davy gave a 20 minute talk bait and demonstration of yoga breathing techniques at the Brighton Harmonica Festival (“Harpin’ By The Sea”) in February 2024

DavyJones yoga hand balance

Davy's Yoga classes