Yoga and the lower back

We have just come back from a very interesting one-day workshop on protecting the Lumbar and Sacro-iliac regions in yoga practice and teaching.

This very informative and fun workshop was taught by Dr Ruth Gilmore. She makes anatomy both interesting and understandable without using too much medical jargon. We were able to explore how yoga practice may be approached in order to safeguard these areas from harm, to include an understanding of the role of core stability and how this applies to yoga practice. The information provided, through discussion, old fashioned slide projection, and practical asana demonstration was invaluable, and we hope we will be able to share some of the day’s knowledge with our yoga students. She is a very open minded yoga teacher and a kindred spirit in believing the yoga is personal not a ‘one size fits all’ practice.

Dr Ruth has just retired from writing the Ask Ruth column in Yoga and Health Magazine, and has been a great source of support and assistance over the years to Davy and Janaki when yoga-related health problems occur, both for ourselves and our students.