Teaching yoga to the over-50s – KempTown Rag article

The KempTown Rag recently featured a yoga class for the over 50s that I taught. My students were all ages between 50 and 93; some were fit and some not so fit, and we had lots of fun relaxing and stretching either on a yoga mat, or in a chair. Here are some heartening comments:

‘I just wanted to put in writing how much I appreciate you holding a Yoga session on Tuesday afternoons at the Patching Lodge. I have learnt to slowly warm up my limbs and by the end of the lesson I feel supple and very relaxed. I do think this type of exercise is of value to us older folk, in particular, when we have certain health issues, mine being a rheumatoid type of arthritis. So, thank you for your time and kind reminders that it is not a competitive activity, as this takes away any embarrasment we might feel if we cannot achieve the exact position! Sue

‘I now find I am moving a lot further in the yoga poses and feel much more supple. Esther