Shoulder opening – short video tip

Watch this short video clip with Davy explaining a well-known yoga shoulder opening exercise that really does work:

"Here's a great exercise for tight shoulders. Find a yoga belt, a scarf or a long ordinary belt. It will probably need to be at least 4 feet long.
You grip the belt tightly at each end with one hand. Depending on how tight/open your shoulders are, you may have to have the belt longer (or shorter). Adjust it to make sure you can do the exercise comfortably. You hold the belt tightly keeping it taut.

Then lift the arms up and over your head and down your back keeping the belt taut. Then bring the belt back over your head and in front of you again - keeping the belt taut at all times.

The first few lifts may cause a few noises in the shoulder joint !
Repeat 10 times backwards and ten times forward. Do it every day. It takes one minute.

Remember keep the belt tight at all times and try to bring it over your head and back again with the hands and arms level - check in a mirror, you may be surprised at how uneven it can be. As your shoulders get easier, you can make tiny reductions in the width of your grip on the belt."

Watch the video here: