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Scientists close to “proving” benefits of meditation and yoga

Interesting new article here: The article claims that scientists are now close to proving that meditation and yoga directly affects the genes and brain activity. This seems likely to clinch the arguments made for a long time by meditation and yoga practitioners about the physical and mental benefits of...

New videos – Davy & Janaki doing Sun Salutations

We have posted three Inspiration Yoga videos on YouTube! The first is Janaki demonstrating Sivananda-style Sun Salutations here: The other two are Davy demonstrating the Ashtanga-style Sun Salutations: Sun Salutation A is here: Sun Salutation B is here: Tell us what you think ! If they are popular and helpful,...

Yoga and the lower back

We have just come back from a very interesting one-day workshop on protecting the Lumbar and Sacro-iliac regions in yoga practice and teaching. This very informative and fun workshop was taught by Dr Ruth Gilmore. She makes anatomy both interesting and understandable without using too much medical jargon. We were...

Yoga and Politics

Many of you will already know that Davy has been selected by the Green Party to stand for parliament at the next General Election in Brighton Kemptown. He has written a long article in the latest issue of the British Wheel of Yoga magazine Spectrum on the theme of Yoga...

Very thoughtful article on Ashtanga Yoga

Matthew Sweeney, an internationally renowned yoga practitioner and Ashtanga teacher has written a really interesting article on Ashtanga here:

Review of Breath of the Gods

The Duke of Yorks at Komedia last weekend showed a film, Breath of the Gods, about the origins of modern yoga. It was fascinating to see how the painstaking work of one yoga guru, Krishnamacharya, directly led to the creation of various key schools of yoga and its rapid spread...

Yoga for students?

I visited the Sussex University student occupation against privatisation yesterday. It was inspiring to see so much support from students, staff, lecturers right across the campus all wearing or displaying yellow signs to indicate support. The Facebook page here shows what the dispute is about: In discussion with the...

Intelligent Yoga – Davy reviews Peter Blackaby’s new book

Peter Blackaby is a highly respected UK yoga teacher based here in Brighton – in fact his lovely Unit 4 studio is just 200 yards from where we live, and we use it regularly as the venue for our Brighton yoga workshops. Coming from the Ashtanga tradition, it was quite...

Teaching yoga to the over-50s – KempTown Rag article

The KempTown Rag recently featured a yoga class for the over 50s that I taught. My students were all ages between 50 and 93; some were fit and some not so fit, and we had lots of fun relaxing and stretching either on a yoga mat, or in a chair....