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Come fly with Davy at the i360!

Join Davy who is teaching a one hour dynamic yoga class at the BAi360 on Saturday 17 April at 9.25am ! The class is the first of a three month programme of classes to raise funds for the amazing yoga community outreach programmes run by the Brighton Yoga Foundation. You...

Why I’ve joined a union for yoga teachers

You may be surprised that some yoga teachers feel the need to join a trade union. After all, teaching yoga is a privilege, very rewarding and something we love to do. But sadly, it is increasingly obvious that “yogaworld” is not immune to the pressures and issues facing society as...

Video interview with Davy

This is a lovely short video interview about my yoga journey and my work with the Brighton Yoga Foundation. Thanks to Lia McCarthy, Ketevan Vatashgashvili and Anqi Lyu for making the film - they are Sussex University media students and participants in my yoga classes at the Uni. I hope...

Inspiration Yoga Goes Online !

Like many other yoga teachers, we have migrated online to deliver a few much needed yoga classes. And who knows we may even continue with doing so after the current crisis passes! Here is how you can find Janaki & Davy online At present, each of us has one online...

Stay Young with Yoga !

Davy is featured as a yoga model in this latest book by Nicola Jane Hobbs. Davy was Nicola's first yoga teacher - now she is an accomplished teacher and author of 3 yoga books. This latest one looks at how yoga can keep you feeling young, fit and healthy as...

Another wonderful week in La Roane

Our eleventh year of visiting the magical La Roane in France - and just when we thought it couldn't possibly get any better, it did ! This summer was brilliant - a great group of 19 people, a dozen of whom had been before - gelled together and had a...

The Sexual Abuse Scandal in Ashtanga Yoga

Some of you will have heard about the crisis engulfing the international Ashtanga community, concerning Pattabhi Jois (the founder and leader of Ashtanga Yoga, known as Guruji, who died in 2009), and the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). But I know from conversations I have had that many...

Sanskrit & Yoga

I work in the translation industry and find languages fascinating. When I started my yoga teacher training I was determined to learn the Sanskrit words for common poses but it wasn’t easy as the words seemed really long and very similar. However, as with any other language, learning the pose...

Shoulder opening – short video tip

Watch this short video clip with Davy explaining a well-known yoga shoulder opening exercise that really does work: "Here's a great exercise for tight shoulders. Find a yoga belt, a scarf or a long ordinary belt. It will probably need to be at least 4 feet long. You grip the...

Blog about Davy’s Yoga Journey

The lovely studio io team have put up this blog about Davy's Yoga Journey:

Yoga teachers need to keep learning & work together

Davy was quoted at length in this blog on the Being in Unity website about whether yoga teachers need a trade union, the problem with gurus and why teachers need to be students too. Another interesting read:!Do-yoga-teachers-need-a-trade-union/cyog/57c91fc8f97b693d957aa271

What’s it like after becoming a yoga teacher?

Janaki is quoted in this article on the Being in Unity website about the issues facing newly qualified yoga teachers - an interesting read:!The-loneliness-of-the-yoga-teacher/cyog/57c49a584730e9b0ac190f8b