Our Inspiration Yoga Workshop in Brighton on 13th October

Twenty one students (and a waiting list!) made our latest workshop very successful and fun. It is always lovely seeing our regular workshop attendees and it was a bonus to have quite a few newcomers who we hope will become regulars!

After Savasana and Pranayama (sama vrita or square breathing) Davy led the morning session with a focussing Dru standing warm up which really brings everyone together with their breath. I think he surprised some of the regulars by going slightly ‘off piste’ with a dynamic flow rather than straight astanga primary! He introduced a very interesting use of sequencing with the standing poses. From Surya Namaskar A students were guided with the breath from Trikonasana, Warrior II, Parsvakonasana into Warrior I and then into Parsvottanasana. Other standing poses were featured in the next two sun salutations.

Then controversially, 30 minutes of arm balances and inversions. Usually these would come at the end of practice, when a lot of students have begun to flag. There was a remarkable amount of energy in the room and most people (if they wanted!) got into the balances, and quite a few into headstand for the first time. It was remarked by a few students that people felt more able and fit to do the inversions earlier in the practice.

The session slowed down with a good selection of seated postures and Davy could not resist a quick visit to Supta Kurmasana which always raises a few chuckles by the uninitiated! And Savasana …. And lunch!

After lunch, Janaki led a savasana and visualization, beginning with a guided relaxation leading to meditation on the heart or third eye chakras.

The rest of the afternoon was split between yang and yin styles of hatha yoga. The yang session of fast and dynamic hatha vinyasa flow moved into balances and finished with an eagle style squatting sequence. This led to a quiet yin practice, which was gratefully and quietly enjoyed! In fact the focus and stillness was very inspiring as quite a few off the students were new to yin. After the yang style of the morning and previous session, it seemed to be very well received.

It really was a very enjoyable workshop with enthusiastic and focussed students. Looking forward to the next one on March 16th next year!

“I loved all of it! Especially the ashtanga flow sequence, the chance to practise arm balances and headstands before being completely knackered and the amazing yin yoga session at the end. It all felt so well thought through and put together, a lovely diverse day of yoga. Thank you!”
Michelle Pauli

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