Yoga with Janaki

I have been teaching and practising yoga for over 20 years, and graduated from Sivananda Vedanta Ashram, Kerala in 1998. After studying many styles of yoga with teachers such as David Swenson, Danny Paradise, Frances Houlahan and Liz Lark, my style of hatha vinyasa flow has evolved and is always eclectic, changing and challenging.

I encourage students at my mixed ability classes to move at their own pace and go further as their bodies and minds allow. Pregnant yogis are also welcome, with alternative asanas taught as appropriate.

Most of my classes take place in yoga studios or health clubs. I can also tailor a private session incorporating meditation and pranayama, yin yoga, astanga, or vinyasa flow just for you in your home.

Relaxation and Pranayama are featured in my classes and meditation is part of the structure of my retreats and workshops. My classes will challenge, amuse and surprise you, as your body becomes more flexible and your mind relaxes.

“I’m a full-time artist and after your yoga classes, I always have a burst of creative energy and could paint the whole day without feeling tired. I also have new ideas for my painting and feel very creative.”
Tin Tin Sann


“Janaki has the patience and deep understanding of a true yogi. Each one of us is unique and her method allows even the most reluctant student (me) to discover physical and mental strength and flexibility that working out in the gym can never deliver.”
Param Sarai


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