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Sanskrit & Yoga

I work in the translation industry and find languages fascinating. When I started my yoga teacher training I was determined to learn the Sanskrit words for common poses but it wasn’t easy as the words seemed really long and very…

Shoulder opening – short video tip

Watch this short video clip with Davy explaining a well-known yoga shoulder opening exercise that really does work: “Here’s a great exercise for tight shoulders. Find a yoga belt, a scarf or a long ordinary belt. It will probably need…

Yoga and well-being research

The British Wheel of Yoga has published an interesting new research report on the proven benefits of yoga for various medical and psychological conditions. You can find and download it here:

New videos – Davy & Janaki doing Sun Salutations

We have posted three Inspiration Yoga videos on YouTube! The first is Janaki demonstrating Sivananda-style Sun Salutations here: The other two are Davy demonstrating the Ashtanga-style Sun Salutations: Sun Salutation A is here: Sun Salutation B is here: Tell us…

Very thoughtful article on Ashtanga Yoga

Matthew Sweeney, an internationally renowned yoga practitioner and Ashtanga teacher has written a really interesting article on Ashtanga here:

Zoe Knott workshop on arm balances

Davy and Janaki enjoyed their first Workshop with Zoe Knott, and Hugh at the Millenium Hall in snowswept Haywards Heath yesterday. The title of Journey Towards Arm Balances was an apt description of a slow build up towards Handstands and…

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